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Etsy Confidentiality Agreement

Etsy, the popular online marketplace where creators and buyers come together to purchase and sell handmade and vintage goods, values the importance of protecting its users` privacy. To assure the confidentiality of its users, Etsy has in place a “confidentiality agreement” that governs how the platform handles user information.

What is a confidentiality agreement, and why is it important?

A confidentiality agreement is a legally binding agreement that outlines the terms and conditions for handling confidential information. Confidentiality agreements are crucial because they help protect sensitive information from being disclosed to unauthorized individuals or entities.

Etsy`s confidentiality agreement serves to ensure that user`s personal information is kept confidential and not misused. This agreement applies to all users who visit the website and use its services, including buyers, sellers, and visitors.

What information does Etsy collect and how is it handled?

Etsy collects both personal and non-personal information from its users to provide them with a better experience and ensure that the platform runs efficiently. The information collected includes:

• Personal information such as name, email address, phone number, and physical address

• Financial information such as credit card numbers and bank account details

• Information regarding the user`s purchase history, feedback ratings, and preferences

Etsy employs various security measures to keep user information safe and confidential. The platform uses secure servers and SSL/TLS encryption to protect the data during transmission. Additionally, access to user information is restricted to authorized personnel only.

How does Etsy use the information collected from its users?

Etsy uses the information collected from its users to provide a personalized experience and improve its services. The data collected is used for the following purposes:

• To process transactions and verify payments

• To enable communication between buyers and sellers

• To provide customer support and resolve issues

• To personalize the user`s experience

• To evaluate and improve the effectiveness of its marketing campaigns

Etsy does not share or sell user information to any third-party organizations or individuals. However, it may share the data with its subsidiaries, affiliates, or service providers who are involved in providing and improving the platform`s services.


Etsy`s confidentiality agreement is in place to ensure that all user information is kept safe and confidential. The platform collects information from its users to provide them with a better experience and improve its services. The information collected is used only for the purposes outlined in the agreement and is not sold or shared with any unauthorized individuals or entities. By using Etsy`s services, users agree to the terms and conditions set out in the confidentiality agreement.

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