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Agreement to Vary Ordinary Hours

As businesses adapt to changes in demand, there may be times when employees are asked to vary their ordinary hours of work. This may be a temporary solution to meet business needs or a long-term change negotiated with employees. No matter the circumstance, the process of agreeing to vary ordinary hours is important for both employers and employees.

An agreement to vary ordinary hours is a contract between an employer and employee that outlines changes to the employee’s normal working hours. This may include changes to the start and end times for shifts, the number of hours worked per day or week, or when breaks are taken. It is important to document this agreement in writing and have both parties sign it to avoid confusion or misunderstandings.

When it comes to varying ordinary hours, it is important to follow the proper process and seek input from employees. Employers must provide sufficient notice of any proposed changes to working hours and consult with affected employees. Where a variation is proposed, employees must be given a reasonable opportunity to express their views and any concerns must be addressed. Failure to properly consult with employees may result in disputes or even legal action if employees feel their rights have been breached.

Understandably, not all employees may be willing or able to vary their ordinary hours. Employers should work with employees to reach a suitable agreement that meets both the needs of the business and the employee’s needs. In some cases, a financial incentive may be offered to encourage employees to agree to a variation of their ordinary hours.

It is also important to note that varying ordinary hours may have implications for an employee`s entitlements. For example, if an employee works outside their normal hours, they may be entitled to penalty rates or overtime. Employers should ensure that the agreement to vary ordinary hours clearly outlines any changes to entitlements and that the employee fully understands the impact of the agreement.

In conclusion, an agreement to vary ordinary hours is an important process for businesses looking to adapt to changing demands. Employers must follow the correct process of consultation and provide sufficient notice to affected employees. It is important to document the agreement in writing to avoid confusion or disputes. Ultimately, a successful agreement will meet the needs of both the business and the employee.

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